Belmont Shore Vacation Nightmare

We rented a vacation home in Belmont Shore for some rest and relaxation. The cute little bungalow just a block from the beach seemed perfect. Instead we discovered squatters occupying the home. Worse, one of the squatters was a sex offender. The Long Beach Police have not been helpful. Continue Reading

City Not in $3 Million Hole???

Let Us Clear Some Things UP

A few California cities led the news over the dire financial straights of their municipal finances. Two have entered into bankruptcy and a third is talking about it. All came to their dire financial though a combination of exhausted financial reserves and a failure to curtail spending deficits. While not facing bankruptcy, this year Desert Hot Springs joined the ranks of cities that have dipped into reserves to make financial ends meet and at budget time last June made no adjustment to spending to account for a $4 million deficit. City leaders express calm and optimism, publicly assuring the public there is nothing to be concerned about. Continue Reading


We use our tools to investigate the facts of the matter. Too often public records requests are ignored by the city clerk or partially fulfilled. The city of Desert Hot Springs does not exist in a vacuum but must be held accountable for their actions. In order to advocate for a better city we need to first investigate the problems so as to understand the solutions. Investigation is too often thwarted by those with a special agenda to hide the facts of the matter. Continue Reading

Steering Public Interest Away From Concern

There are a variety of matters before the council including the 2012-13 budget now under review by the Finance Committee. In response to concerns expressed that the city is entering a period of fiscal crisis due to the budget proposing to next year spend $3.2 million of the $5 million in reserves – council member Jan Pye said “the city is not in a fiscal crisis and has not spent any money of the reserves.” YET! Obviously the council is making every attempt to avoid alarming the public as next year is election year for three of the 5 council members. Next year is also contract renewal time for the city manager who has endured heavy criticism for having lost several million dollars due to bad management. Continue Reading